Thursday, August 5, 2010

Emma's New Pixie!

 When I saw this photograph of Emma Watson I freaked out! I didn't even recognize her. Her wavy locks of hair are gone. . . and I am loving it!

She is really showing the world that she wants to put Harry Potter behind her. Those long locks are gone for a new serious, fabulous do. I love the way the 'Pixie cut' frames her face and makes her sweet eyes pop! It looks so fresh.

It was really brave of her to make such a drastic change. Hair is usually very precious to women. I like how she can just throw it all away and be alright with it.

All i can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE.

If only that 'Pixie cut' looked as good on me when I had it in 6th grade!

-XOXO Rachel Ann


  1. Hey!
    This is strange, but I have an anonymous follower and am trying to figure out who it is. You??
    If not, love your blog! I'll follow, if you follow.

  2. nope its not me! but ill follow you! :)

  3. I'm still a bit unsure about her new look, i really loved her long tresses, but maybe this will grow on me!


  4. She's so pretty :)
    Nice blog, found your link on teenvogue!

  5. Don't like it at all. Now she looks a lot like Carey Mulligan, same age, hair cut, both British. Her hair was so beautiful, it seemed a shame to cut it all off at once. Maybe if she's gone gradually shorter...............
    Greetings from Ireland
    Fifi & Niamh - take a look if you get a chance, we'd love your feedback - follow if you like what you see.

  6. I think she's very brave, her long hair did give her a very feminine look. I love her new look:-)

  7. ¡hola!

    i found your blog in pandora. I was looking all it and i like more the first pages.
    I hope you have so much succes and the best for you.
    One day, i hope you can come to latinoamerica, it is a so pretty place.


  8. Hi again Rachel - When I first saw this picture, I thought it was Mia Farrow or Twiggy. I think Emma looks great - of course, I have sported that look for 1/2 of my life - have you seen those pictures? If not, we should get together. I'll be following regularily. It's a great way to see more of who you are growing to become. I'm very are GREAT at this!! KC