Thursday, September 16, 2010

Charlotte Ronson

I love this line. It is so adorable.

Favorite Piece: The 16th outfit is so adorable. I love how Charlotte had the model wear the sweater by the hood. What a great idea! The black (or maybe navy?) color and army green is so sweet and reminds me of a sailor suit. The detail along the v-neck reminds me of the buttons. Also, shoes with socks? yes.

-XOXO Rachel Ann


  1. It really is adorable. Urban chic is hard to pull off, especially when you mix in florals and a splash of military in there. I do like the socks. It takes courage and some serious self esteem to rock the socks, because it's likely to get shut down if you don't wear it hard!

  2. She pulled it off so flawlessly didnt she! And i think i am going for the ankle sock look tomorrow. Get ready! haha

    -Rachel Ann