Friday, November 26, 2010

A French Breeze

This summer I went to France. These next photographs are of one of my new most favorite places on Earth. the Beaches of Carnac, France.

 The flowers were amazing.

 I had my first shellfish! They were pretty gross, my cousins were the ones to finish the plate. We kept asking the french waiter for a shrimp sauce but he would only give us this weird vinegar mix that was not very appetizing haha.
 This is quite possibly the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever had, EVER.
 This is an ice cream shop that serves over 160 flavors, including: red bull, ketchup, radish, and brussel sprouts.
Instead of those lovely flavors I chose coffee. yummmmmmmm
While walking about the town we found a little shop that sold bracelets and trinkets. Immediately after I took this photo I was scolded by the french owner and told not to take anymore pictures. I am such a felon.

So pretty. If any of you are lucky enough to go to France and have the chance to go to the beaches of Carnac. GO. I promise you will not be dissapointed. The food is fantastic, the people are great, and the beach is amazing. 

-XOXO Rachel Ann

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I miss doing these posts! I finally had time to do one today! : )

These are my new Sam Edelman shoes that I am obsessing over. I wore them to school the other day and was taller than everyone; well over 6 feet.

Oh for the glasses and hair I was channeling my Taylor Swift Halloween costume. I was the nerdy Taylor in her You Belong With Me music video. I can not stop wearing the glasses! I love them!!!

Anyways check out my platforms!!

 Outfit: Sam Edelman shoes, BCBG navy dress, Zara top, Vintage belt, Fake RayBan glasses with lenses removed, and Giorgio Armani coat.

Oh and I have a new addition to my family! Her name is Bella and she is a chocolate lab. 

Squeak is not very happy about it but he will have to get used to it. 

At least she has good taste. She has tried to Choo my shoes many times! AHAhahahaha ohhh what a pun. I replaced chew with Choo . . . as in Jimmy. . . alright I'm done.
-XOXO Rachel Ann