Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I finally saw Black Swan last Wednesday.

I had been trying to see this movie with my friend Meredith for a whole week.We actually went to see it on the Saturday before, but stupid Warren Theaters would not sell me the tickets (even though I am of age)(I am freaking seventeen!!!). Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Anyway, We saw it!!

It. Was. Amazing.

Besides the fact that I was scared out of my mind for the second half and disturbed by the dark sexual aspect of it, it was fantastic!! I have never been in a movie theater with a friend that screams at scary parts. I can not even describe how much fun that is.

It starts with a peculiar character, Nina Sayers, played by Natalie Portman. Nina is a Prima-Ballerina in her twenties that has never grownup. Every day she wakes up in a baby pink nightgown, fit with bows and rolls over to view her stuffed animal filled room. Then she stretches and practices point her her living room while her mother cooks her breakfast.

Her mother is a very interesting character. Miss Sayers is a retired ballerina who gave up her career to help Nina pursue hers. She is not the typical stage mother. Her overpowering love for Nina makes Nina's character who she is. Her mother is almost too mothering. She is very protective and never leaves her side.

In the beginning Nina auditions for the part of the White and Black Swan in the ballet Swan Lake (The white and black swan are played by the same person because they are supposed to be twins). The teacher is troubled because he knows Nina can play the White Swan perfectly but the Black Swan, not so much. Another Character, Lily, arrives on screen who is the exact opposite of Nina. Lily is perfect for the Black Swan part. She is loose and wild. After much worry about the part, the dance instructor decides to give Nina the part.

The next half of the movie is the scary part. The mind tricks played are so frighting. Sometimes I found myself covering my eyes to keep myself from jumping out of my skin. The camera perspective is really genius. Like a beauty shot in a magazine the camera films very close to the face. It makes it harder to decipher the surroundings. I noticed it helps capture the fear of the characters and gives an odd sense that something is waiting around every corner.

The movie turns very twisted towards the end. Lots of screaming, running, and theatrical music. The storyline was fantastic and a real thriller. I would see it a thousand times.

Its really interesting how the director paralleled Nina's life with the story of the Swan Lake. He even used color imagery having Nina wear lots of light colors (like pink, white, light gray and more pink) --resembling the white swan, angelic, pure. Then Lily wore lots of black and dark gray -- resembling the black swan, dark, evil.

I will not reveal the end so I do not ruin it for others. :)

Go see it though! It was fantastic! Before you see it, make sure you are ready for a Dark-Sexual-Thriller. Otherwise it might be somewhat unpleasant.

Now to talk about the costumes!

Rodarte, one of top fashion labels in the country, designed the ballet costumes and they were beautiful. I can not get enough of them!

The girls costumes were inspired by none other than Edgar Degas' Ballerinas:

I know the pictures are too big for my blog but I wanted to show them in all of their glory.

I love how the White Swan costume  looks light and fluffy. The costume gave Natalie Portman this ethereal grace when she was dancing on stage. I also love the detail of the crown.The bodice is gorgeous -- I love how it forms to the body and how the feathers peek out of the bosom.

The black swan costume is very dark. The veil over the face is a perfect touch -- like the good is hiding behind the dark. The contrast of Natalie's skin with the black of the costume is really beautiful. It is as if the white swan is being taken over slowly by the darkness. Her body is being captured by evil. I love how the bodice of the Black Swan costume is morphed looking. The crown is also gorgeous. love love love

Here are the costumes for the men:

Not much to say about them. They fit each role perfectly. I love the princes jacket (the top picture). The green makes him look very regal.

At the beginning of the movie there is a dream sequence where Nina is dancing in Swan Lake in a beautiful full skirt dress. I can not get that dress out of my head. I love the look of ballet costumes with long tulle skirts. They are so graceful and beautiful.
Here is that dress:
Beautiful right?!

Another dress that I am particularly in love with was this one below. Nina wore it to a party where she was announced as the new Swan Queen. It's drapery is so gorgeous and fit her so perfectly. I LOVE the back of this dress. --Would wear it every day of my life.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find an actual picture of the dress, but you will know it when you see it.
Here is the fashion sketch:

Last but not least, here is some behind the scenes photography! Enjoy! 

 Look at that crown!!!

I would also like to say that ever since that night, I have been hesitant about turning out the lights in fear that I will hear a whispered "sweet girl" come out from the darkness. Oh and mirrors, I can not walk in front of mirrors. So creepy!!

-XOXO Rachel Ann

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Burberry Prorsum PreFall 2011


Burberry Prorsum coats are bangin' this PreFall 

They make me excited for this cold weather and the holiday weekend!

Have a wonderful holiday break! 

-XOXO Rachel Ann