Friday, January 21, 2011

Is this real life.. or is this fantasy?

I just REALLY want summer. I am so tired of this cold, snowy, icy, not good for dress/skirt weather. I am ready for the spring and summer florals from the 2011 collections! I can not take the wait any longer. WHY ARE YOU NOT HERE YET.

Today I ventured out into the chilly, windy, 15 degree streets of my neighborhood wearing a summer outfit that I just could not, not wear. I know it was really cold but I really wanted to wear this. I put it on last night and was like, "Aww that is so cute!"

Alright here it is. My summer during winter outfit.

Abercrombie jean skirt, Vintage Mexican embroidered top, Pearls, Payless flower shoes

-XOXO Rachel Ann

Credits (In order from top to bottom/left to right): Blinking eyes, Cat hair, MIU MIU polka dot top, Breathing hair, Lindsey-red-haired-Wixson, Model line up, Emma Watson, Hair art, Smiling at the pool -- forgot where I got this one- If it is yours email me and I will post you as the source!, Laughing lips, Dollie, Bubble girl, Feather Lashes.

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  1. gurrrl you cute, but you also crazy for heading out in freezing temperatures!!!
    lol <3 youu