Monday, January 24, 2011

Procrastinating math. LIKE A BOSS

(Cloe Perfume, Prada ostrich bag, Soap Roses[because all the real ones are DEAD], MIU MIU clog, vintage bracelet, all on top of a vintage frilly pink frame.)

I messed around all Saturday and made a bunch of mood boards with my stuff. This one was one of the mehhh ones. I just wanted to say I have like five more board/sets coming that are super cool!!

For this one I was inspired by summer probably because it isn't here yet. Summer to me is pastels, pinks, blues, yellows. I really liked how frilly it turned out. I am just so tired of this awful snowy weather (as seen in my last post here). The Snow is not agreeing with the outfits that I desperately want to wear. I cannot wear my MIU MIU shoes because I am afraid they will get stained and destroyed by the excessive amount of salt set out to destroy the ice.

I am really missing spring and summer frocks and lace dresses with aprons, and airy colors.

Meanwhile: the couture shows are coming out as well. there will probably be some posts about those too. Well thanks for listening to me rant about nothing.


(Credits in order from top to bottom: Ariel, Girl pushing back hair, Chanel Iman, Poodles)


  1. 0. i love the title!!!!!
    1. i loooove that purse you have.
    2. miu miu upside down looks like niw niw
    4. those poor dogs!!!!!!!
    5. the reason i have a number zero is because i realized i wanted to say that first, but id already written the rest of the numbers out. and i didnt want to change the numbers....because that would have taken too much time. even though writing this explination probably took more time than that....... **sigh**