Friday, January 28, 2011

Put your lovin' hand out darling

About a month ago a friend of mine, Wynn Hukle, approached me with a wonderful idea. She is the writer of a fashion column, in my school newspaper and wanted to collaborate with me on a project for one of her articles. The idea was to go to our mall, walk to Forever 21, and put together looks that are cheap but chic at the same time.

I am not going to lie, Forever 21 to me seemed like a stretch. I haven't been to our mall for months and the website looked particularly atrocious. It was to my surprise that when I arrived the clothing was particularly fabulous! I really wanted to go back and buy everything that I had tried on.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU WYNN for inviting me to collaborate on this with you. I had a fantastic time and would love to do it again. Target, you think?

Here are our favorite picks from the store!

We wanted to show some options for sleep wear.

Wynn picked out this adorable onesie. Isn't it cute?!


Wynn and her Starbucks.


Not me that is for sure.

I picked out this one. I like the heavy gray with the white and red shorts peaking out the bottom.

Also love the way the shorts frill out.

By the way ALL of the long sleeve lounge wear tops were amazingly comfortable. I am kind of obsessed with the softness of them.

Shirt: $8.80
Shorts: $5.80

Forever 21 seemed to me to have a ton of Chanel-like clothing while we were there. It was all black and whites, streamlined-cropped jackets and structured dresses.

A great look for any girl.

Jacket: $27.80

I really loved this jacket. The white trim is actually sewn on faux pearls. It was super cute and added a new twist to a somewhat boring, black, cropped blazer.

The dress underneath was also very adorable. It came off a little Parisian to me--through the stripes maybe?

The three pleats on each side of the body are definitely a winner in my book.

Ahhhhhh CAMEL

I AM OBSESSED WITH CAMEL. A girl can never have enough camel in her closet. The color is gorgeous on any girl and never really washes out anyone. If you are looking for a chic new coat, go for a camel color. It is very in this season.

I am also loving the large button details. Great coat. 

Coat: $37.80
Dress: $19.80
Hat: $13.80

The coat is paired with a sweet black dress with adorable giant buttons. It reminded me of some of the MIU MIU dresses in the Fall 2010 collections. Super cute.

This next look was mostly showcasing the shorts. I have always wanted a pair like these. They are comfortable and chic at the same time. I like the color. Light gray shorts are fabulous. I also love how slouchy they look.

They make me feel like I should be running through a field of grass with a lace umbrella and pick nick basket.


Shorts: $19.80
Shirt: $4.50

This was definitely a Chanel moment, but not at the same time.

The skirt made me have a flashback to when I was in the Chanel store in Paris, France. I walked upstairs and there was almost no one there. It was just me and the clothes. There were these extravagant tweed jackets everywhere. I had never realized how gorgeous one of those jackets were until I was up close and personal with one. It was a really amazing moment for me, just walking around and touching the fabric.

Anyway, the skirt reminded me of those jackets. It was like a rainbow tweed. It is a known-to-be-elegant fabric, but with a punch of life. Love it.

Also, the pleated white purse with the chain is SO CHANEL. Any fashion lover should know how Chanel this purse is. It is almost an exact copy (well not exact but pretty close!)

Paired with very cute coat. Again: Love those giant buttons, very MIU MIU

Skirt: $19.80    Coat: $32.80    

This outfit was sorta a joke but sorta not?

When we saw the mermaid skirt we just picked it up and said,"We have to try this on."

Look at that lady on the right. Shes thinking: What a freak 


Surprisingly the skirt was extremely comfortable and I would definitely wear it out somewhere. I would just need to pair it with the right clothes: Maybe a baggy almost sweatshirt shirt with a belt cinching the waist?

LOVED this outfit.

This bomber jacket is very Burberry. They had a line of fantastic over the top coats for Fall 2010. I fell in love.

I also like the skirt with the studs. Gives off a vibe of a girl who knows its cold but still  wants to look Boho-Rock-n-roll.

Coat: $27.80
Shirt: $5.80
Hat: $6.80

Same jacket, shirt and hat paired with a brown pair of pants.

The brown pair of pants should be a staple in any girls closet. They look good on anyone and can be paired with anything. Perfect item of clothing.

Pants: $24.80

LOVE this outfit. The jacket is so adorable. Black and white tweed: Very Chanel.

I just love it.

Jacket: $24.80
Bracelet: $5.80

Gotta love that Teal color. I love how it has those oversized short sleeves too.

This was the most comfortable sweater I have ever put on in my life! It felt almost cashmere!

Drape-y sweaters are always a must in my closet. They always look great with jeans and a sassy belt

Wynn  picked this outfit out, and I was a little skeptical at first but it is so cute! I love it so much! Winwinwin

I really like the combination of the tight black legging with a cropped jean-like top. love it. I die.

Love the bag. Who doesn't love a big leather back with a bunch of zippers??

Bag: $44.80

Geeze I am such a giant! haha Thanks again Wynn. I had so much fun!




  1. BEAUTIFUL, LADIES! You both are so talented! I love the extra shots, Wynn. The rack of clothing, the hangers, and the cosmetics with Rachel in the back ground are FANTASTIC images!

  2. Beautiful. ;-)


    Ms. Meise